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How to relieve stress and depression/How to relax mind from stress/How to relieve stress and anxiety/How to calm nerves and anxiety?

Finding peace , is like a war being faught with yourself. You fight with all the difficulties you face  in life, you suffer just to find that feeling of tranquility within your mind and heart. Today we shall discuss some points which leads to a stress free life :- Calmness  - a person is the most calm when he is stress free. To achieve that no stress life,you need to think about the reason why you are anxious or angry. Then think if it’s worth your annoyance or not. Do not waste your energy on something not worth it. Listen to good and calming music,close your eyes and focus on the song. Try meditation or yoga to stay calm. Fighting anxiety -  to fight anxiety you need to let go of thinking too much. First thing to do when anxiety is taking over is -Take deep breaths,breathing slowly helps to keep your breathing balanced. Take out time to do yoga,meditation,practice or learn music. Start exercising daily to maintain your health and to make yourself feel good and motivated. Get enough s

Full of criticism and mockery./Do not fear criticism and mockery/How to solve the problem of criticism and mockery to live a stress free life!

  Have  you ever experienced the pressure and distress from getting ridiculed ? Has anyone  criticized you for being who you are? Have you felt the frustration and anger of denial? Has  anyone come up to you and told you that you are not worth it till the point you couldn’t breathe  anymore? Like someone is suffocating you with words! This is the PERFECT BLOG FOR YOU! You are not alone! People here reading this blog are your companions! Comment down below your feelings and find people who relate to today’s topic, which is mockery and criticism! There are huge, unpleasant words coming right at you! Crashing in your mind and the sound of them ringing loud in your ears, that’s when you can’t take it anymore. Tears roll down your eyes and you question yourself “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS ? LORD WHY WAS I BORN!” You pull at your hairs and scratch your own body,you detest yourself! Why? Because you were criticized,because you were ridiculed! Because you were insulted! Because you were m

Your body is not wrong, society is! (Stop body shaming/No discrimination/Love yourselves and accept your flaws).

Body shaming, is the practice of criticizing or humiliating a person about their body size and weight. Passing mean comments on a person's appearance and making them feel embarrassed about themselves leaving them emotionally traumatized. Body shaming has been continued for a long period of time. The world has a fixed mindset about the ideal body one should have. People criticize girls or boys who are "too chubby" or "too skinny" leaving them mentally disturbed and in depression. With questions like "why am i so ugly?" "why are my thighs so huge?" "why am i not slimmer?" "why am i so skinny?" "will no one love me?" "am i too bonny?", these are the thoughts which occur in one's mind. An individual is body shamed by  parents,friends,colleagues,enemies,schoolmates and is often shown in the media. In the movie a "fat" character is often portrayed as median for comic relief. They are chosen as t

How to be a supportive parent? / How to understand your child better?

Parenting, is the act of raising children from infant to adulthood and providing them with security,care and affection to ensure their healthy future. Parenting is the toughest job one could ever have. It deals with developing a child physically,mentally,giving them proper education,teaching them morals and values,understanding them,showing them the correct path,supporting them,also giving them the liberty to open up their mind which allows them to grow and evolve. Teenagers or adolescents  need love,care and affection from their parents. They want their parents to recognize them and accept them the way they are. Acceptance of a person is the act of agreeing to that person's belonging to your group as an equal. There are times when some teenagers do not feel accepted. It's the job of the parents to make them feel like they belong.  As a child's grows up he/she needs their own personal space to develop and grow. Some parents tend to hover over the child and control them. Whi

Major stress problems faced by today's Teenagers/Young Adults.

PEACE:~    "It is the feeling of not being annoyed by worry ,problems,noise or unwanted actions" ~  CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY.   THE YOUNG ADULTS OR TEENAGERS:~    In our  daily lives we go through a lot of stress. Some because of work,children,health issues etc. Adults usually suffer through hectic schedule because of their busy life style this leads to depression in some cases. But today we will be talking about our young adults as in today's world teenagers are more depressed than the adults. All lot of times we forget to acknowledge  WHAT DIFFICULTIES TEENAGER MUST BE SUFFERING FROM?  We are here to guide you to find Inner Peace and how you can attain tranquility . Most of the teens stress about not finding the correct people to be around such as searching for love,friends,feeling lonely,parents being strict and etc. If you are a teenager or an young adult and you are going through something similar then you have visited the right place to HEAL  YOURSELF . LOVE:~   Being t

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