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Domestic Violence. (Take a stand against it!)

Domestic violence in a social and legal concept means any sort of abuse be it physical, emotional, sexual or financial between partners living under the same roof. It refers to as an attempt by one partner upon the other in an intimate relationship[ or marriage. By domestic violence we understand that one person dominates and controls the other either sexually or emotionally. When we talk about domestic abuse, we generally talk about women being abused by male partners, but in some cases even men are victims of domestic violence, it is mostly emotional and verbal. This is rare and less severe. Domestic violence occurs in millions of houses everyday, and a huge number of these incidents go unreported. This affects the mental peace and health of the person who is the victim of the abuse. Domestic abuse not only affects the victim but also has an impact on the other members of the family, even though they are not the one suffering. It mostly affects the children who witness daily abuse o…

Full of criticism and mockery./Do not fear criticism and mockery/How to solve the problem of criticism and mockery to live a stress free life!

  Have  you ever experienced the pressure and distress from getting ridiculed ? Has anyone criticized you for being who you are? Have you felt the frustration and anger of denial? Has anyone come up to you and told you that you are not worth it till the point you couldn’t breathe anymore? Like someone is suffocating you with words!

You are not alone! People here reading this blog are your companions! Comment down below your feelings and find people who relate to today’s topic, which is mockery and criticism!

There are huge, unpleasant words coming right at you! Crashing in your mind and the sound of them ringing loud in your ears, that’s when you can’t take it anymore. Tears roll down your eyes and you question yourself “WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS ? LORD WHY WAS I BORN!” You pull at your hairs and scratch your own body,you detest yourself! Why? Because you were criticized,because you were ridiculed! Because you were insulted! Because you were mocked for being your true self! Because they made you think that you are not good enough.
Parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, people around us create the reason for this emotional trauma! By criticizing an individual and not appreciating them. A standard person needs the assurance and the acceptance of their existence everyday in their lives. They need the constant reminder that they are loved, that they belong. A normal person needs the love and affection and the appreciation of even the smallest of things.It’s our job to compliment one another and respect and value them.Small gestures matter, complimenting someone for their looks makes their day better. Praising someone for their work, praising a student for his/ her grades make them confident and make them happy. So why shall we pass on the opportunity to make someone smile.

I have seen people around me depressed because they think that they are not worth it, that they do not deserve to be born! But it’s not true!God has given you the opportunity to be born because of a reason there’s always a purpose for your existence! Do not give up on yourself. No matter how many people in a day criticize you. No matter how hard each day gets with all that taunts and harsh words you listen to from your close ones. Never give up, always have that shine of hope, because in this crucial world there is always that one person who admires you, loves you, appreciates your smallest of habits

Parents these days force their child to get good grades. Though it’s for the child’s own good, they should always look at the capability their child has.Parents should not burden them, they should understand their child and search for what talent and qualities they have instead of hovering over them to study and score full marks. In case the child fails to keep up with their expectations, they start criticizing him/her and start comparing them with other children. This should not be done as the child gets mentally disturbs. He/she begins to think that they are worthless, that they are not a good son/daughter.
Friends also play the role of teasing and mocking the child. Friends criticize him/her for not scoring good grades, for getting scolded by their parents, they start to distance themselves from the child which makes the child feel lonely.

People should understand, appreciate, admire the talent which one has instead of ridiculing them for something which they can’t do. Everyone has their own talent and hobbies which they are excellent at. We should praise their talent instead of neglecting it. Why shall we only focus on studies? Not everyone has a great future because of the marks they scored in their school years. There are so many great personalities who weren’t good in studies at all but still managed great achievements because of their talent. Some are good at art work, some like to write and read novels, some are good at singing, some at dancing. We should admire them for their real and true self. We should not force them to adopt a certain type of nature. We should not impose studies on them. Some children are really intelligent and have the capability to a great extent,they have the brain full of knowledge and curiosity but unfortunately is not that good of a student. That doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t acknowledge them, they should be given a chance to prove themselves. And parents have to understand the fact of giving chances and opportunities to their children. They should control their anger for once and look for a talent in their child.

Because God has birthed every creature in this world with a talent and a purpose of life. No one is worthless. All of you are awesome, and valuable. Start valuing yourself, recognize your inner talent, give yourself a chance and the whole world will regret not appreciating you enough! And most of all start loving yourself. Because the day you start doing that, that will be the day everyone will stop passing their ridiculous comments on you.


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