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How to be a supportive parent? / How to understand your child better?

Parenting, is the act of raising children from infant to adulthood and providing them with security,care and affection to ensure their healthy future.

Parenting is the toughest job one could ever have. It deals with developing a child physically,mentally,giving them proper education,teaching them morals and values,understanding them,showing them the correct path,supporting them,also giving them the liberty to open up their mind which allows them to grow and evolve.

Teenagers or adolescents need love,care and affection from their parents. They want their parents to recognize them and accept them the way they are.
Acceptance of a person is the act of agreeing to that person's belonging to your group as an equal. There are times when some teenagers do not feel accepted. It's the job of the parents to make them feel like they belong. 
As a child's grows up he/she needs their own personal space to develop and grow. Some parents tend to hover over the child and control them. While the child wants freedom and privacy. In some cases the parents tend to become more authoritative. They are strict,parent centered,they believe in adhering to rules. They should understand their child and try to get to know them better. They should understand the child is developing and has a different perspective of the world. They should study and observe the child's nature instead of dictating them.  

There are some cases where a parent in order to make their child a better person impose certain responsibilities. Where as the child wants liberty to grow up and have a look around the world through their own mind and brain, basically having their own opinions and their own way to do things.
Conflicts are bound to happen as the parents and children's outlook of life differs. Conflicts tend to increase as teenagers become more assertive and parents become more authoritarian. When teens disagree with something that their parents are saying, the parent's reaction is of rejection which makes the teenagers feeling more intense and agitated.

These daily conflicts and disagreements lead to threaten the relationship between the child and the parent. Acts of aggression occurs either by the child or the parents themselves. The parents tend to use aggressive violence as the act of making their child understand better but this kind of act results in the child dealing with severe depression,rejection,this mentally affects the growth and development of the child. They start to feel that they are not good enough,feeling of hate and aggressive nature develops, they feel like they do not belong, they develop anxiety and suicidal thoughts and tend to distance themselves from everyone. 

If as a parent you face difficulties with getting to know your child better, then you have visited the right blog. We will talk about how to understand your child better further. 

Getting to know your children - They should be given much love and security, the parents must understand their problems and should not criticize him or her for any unusual behavior. Parents should listen to their issues patiently and should not scold or punish them severely for some mischievous actions. They should always look at their problems closely and acknowledge the, and discuss their difficulties and try to help them solve it. Parents should not compel them to do something they do not want to do. They should allow the children to do things independently. 
They should set balanced boundaries for them instead of imposing strict rules. They should be warm and assertive but not authoritative. 

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