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How to relieve stress and depression/How to relax mind from stress/How to relieve stress and anxiety/How to calm nerves and anxiety?

Finding peace, is like a war being faught with yourself. You fight with all the difficulties you face in life, you suffer just to find that feeling of tranquility within your mind and heart.

Today we shall discuss some points which leads to a stress free life :-

Calmness - a person is the most calm when he is stress free. To achieve that no stress life,you need to think about the reason why you are anxious or angry. Then think if it’s worth your annoyance or not. Do not waste your energy on something not worth it. Listen to good and calming music,close your eyes and focus on the song. Try meditation or yoga to stay calm.

Fighting anxiety - to fight anxiety you need to let go of thinking too much. First thing to do when anxiety is taking over is -Take deep breaths,breathing slowly helps to keep your breathing balanced. Take out time to do yoga,meditation,practice or learn music. Start exercising daily to maintain your health and to make yourself feel good and motivated. Get enough sleep and eat properly balanced meals.

Declutter - declutter your space. Go through your room and get rid of things which you don’t need anymore. This creates a light and spacious place for you to work or think. Doing this give a clear environment which helps you feel nice,peaceful for work and living.

Drinking lots of water - not drinking enough water leads to dehydration which leads to higher cortisol level and this makes dealing with everyday issues difficult. Water reduces stress. Drinking lots of water will give you the energy to deal with any problem.

Simplify your schedule - nowadays everyone has a very hectic schedule. With so much to study the students really have a stressful routine and same with the adults. Having a busy schedule is one of the major causes of high stress. Simplify your responsibilities to a few essential ones in a day will help to reduce work and stress. Take it slow,work one at a time. Take up less commitments in a day.

Wake up early - “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" Benjamin Franklin. Waking up is not only beneficial for your physical health but also for your mental health. It helps you to focus on your work and gives you plenty of time to complete other responsibilities.

Write journals - writing helps you to keep track of your thoughts.Writing is good for improving your mental health. If you struggle with depression,stress,anxiety then writing journal is a very good idea! Keep a bullet journal with you and write down the tasks/works you have to complete in a day or week. Jott down your goals for the day/week/month. This helps you to have an overview of your day.

Accept yourself - when we talk about acceptance we talk about the feeling of belongingness. Before we struggle for others to accept us we need to embrace ourselves first. We need to learn self-acceptance before giving anyone the authority to do so. Accept your flaws and imperfections. Love and believe in yourself.

Eat healthy - eating unhealthy food affects your health. It causes acne,oily skin problems,weight gain and fat. This stresses you out and leaves you questioning your appearance. This makes you feel low and upset. So eat healthy,like fruits, fresh green vegetables.

Spending a little time with yourself - taking out time for yourself helps you to think clear and have a good vision on what’s next. Spend a little time in your own company,even for 15 minutes in a day,be with yourself. And do what you like to. Allow yourself those few minutes to relax and be who you truly are.

Don’t forget to enjoy life and not worry too much!

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Hope our blog is helping you out in making your life stress-free! Keep supporting and encouraging us so that we can give you more helpful contents like these in future!
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