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Domestic Violence. (Take a stand against it!)

Domestic violence in a social and legal concept means any sort of abuse be it physical, emotional, sexual or financial between partners living under the same roof. It refers to as an attempt by one partner upon the other in an intimate relationship[ or marriage. By domestic violence we understand that one person dominates and controls the other either sexually or emotionally. When we talk about domestic abuse, we generally talk about women being abused by male partners, but in some cases even men are victims of domestic violence, it is mostly emotional and verbal. This is rare and less severe. Domestic violence occurs in millions of houses everyday, and a huge number of these incidents go unreported. This affects the mental peace and health of the person who is the victim of the abuse. Domestic abuse not only affects the victim but also has an impact on the other members of the family, even though they are not the one suffering. It mostly affects the children who witness daily abuse o…

Loneliness. (Causes and how to deal with it?)

Loneliness,is the unpleasant emotion of isolation.
When a person or individual secludes himself from everyone as they feel alone is the feeling of loneliness. It is the type of sentiment where a person feels unwanted and out of the box and therefore separates themselves from everyone around them.It is the unwanted state of isolation and solitude.Loneliness is different from solitude,solitude simply means enjoying your own company and staying apart from people by your own choice,not everyone who experiences solitude feels lonely. Whereas loneliness can be felt even when one is surrounded by a group of people. Loneliness is as complex as love, whereas love is a beautiful feeling of care and affection loneliness is the opposite of it. Loneliness lacks the emotions of love,care,affection etc.A lot of people feel lonely at times and it’s completely normal,but it doesn't take long before changing into an underlying disease. It can only change into becomes excessive, all consuming and interfere in daily life.

Loneliness is caused by lack of connection and intimacy. It is a social pain,which motivates individuals to seek social connection. One feels isolated when he/she has no friends or family members to rely on. An average human being needs people around him who understands them and their sorrows,who celebrates their achievements with them, who cries with them in pain and sadness,who takes a stand for them in tough times,and who supports them in every path of their life.

When you are sitting among a bunch of people,sharing fake laughs is when you realize that you might be lonely,somewhere deep down when there's a ton of weight hovering over your chest and a lot of confusion in your head,when you still can't smile full heartedly even when surrounded by people and you feel like desolating yourself from the world. Loneliness is experienced negatively,it causes severe anxiety and depression with a base note of sadness and nostalgia. It causes a lot of pressure on one’s mental health.

Parents and family members should be alert at times like this, you should go ahead and attempt at conversing with them and addressing your feelings,and try to explain to them your level of anxiety and depression caused by loneliness and lack of affection. Parents should give some time to their child and show them love and care as that's what they need. Children should also be alert and cautious about their parents and grandparent’s sentiments and give them time and be attentive about their needs and likes and dislikes. Friends should understand each other and attempt to help each other out in difficult situations,friendships are not just about hanging out and laughing on jokes,it also consists of being there for each other at times of sorrow and difficulties. It’s about seeing the vulnerability of a person and still accepting them and giving them the same amount of love. It's about accepting their flaws and teaching them what's right and wrong. Help people out,try to be there for them and in return you will get the same amount of love. When we talk about loneliness we often mention friends and family,but one of the most important factors appears to be the fact that an individual feels alone when they lack behind in their love life. I just want to let you readers know that no one is alone! God has made a partner for everyone,you need to have patience and when the right time comes you will get who you deserve. Do not go in search of love,it will eventually come walking to you. Be it your better half,or a kind hearted person willing to be your friend. Do not spoil your mental health because of this,focus on things which will help you have a better outlook of the world around you.
Loneliness is quite difficult to deal with,all of us have been through it at some point in life,but it surely heals at a certain point of time. When things will start to work out for you and you will have a fixed goal,for which you work with utter determination,things will get better as time passes. The emptiness will fill in after you have achieved everything you wanted and expected from life, you start to feel happy again. So my advice to all the readers who feel sad and lonely and depressed is to stay focused,work for your success and don't search for love,it will come to you with the right time.

I specifically want to mention in today’s article that right now in the world we are going through a horrific time, this is the time where we are all locked in our houses without lack of human contact.We are all sitting ideal and feeling depressed and lonely. In this difficult time it’s better to stay focused, determined and not pay heed to too much thinking. Work on yourself and I am sure it will help with the unwanted feeling of solitude!
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