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Quarantine. / How to relieve stress during quarantine? / Fitness.

Suffering from stress and depression during covid-19 quarantine-

The world is in a very unusual state. Everyone’s in a bizarre situation. Millions of covid-19 cases have flourished throughout the world. While this global pandemic has spread so widely through our nation and in the world there’s a lot to worry about.

People have lost their jobs (discussed properly in,schools and colleges have been closed,the country is suffering through a great loss,the economy is at a downfall,people are dying,everyone’s at a risk of their lives. All of these lead to a great amount of stress and depression.

Elderly people such as our parents, grandparents, uncle,aunt,neighbours,friends are all likely at risk to get affected by this terrifying virus. Getting infected is not the only reason for our stress,we are all confined in our houses for the most part. We are all locked indoors with less human contact and with limited sources of entertainment or work to keep ourselves occupied. No work brings a great amount of stress and depression to an individual's mind. Usually when a person sits idle at home they tend to overthink, which then results in anxiety,low self esteem and depression. A person starts doubting themselves and starts noticing their flaws which leads to a low self esteem. They start to worry about their jobs and what their future consists of.

So,we shall now discuss some ways you can relieve stress during quarantine,to keep a positive attitude and a better outlook on life :

1) The fear of the disease spreading is obvious and very overwhelming and causes strong emotions of terror and panic among adults and children. Prevention methods like social distancing makes people feel isolated and lonely. To get over the feeling of loneliness during isolation you can interact with your loved ones through calls,video calls or chatting. Stay in touch with your close friends and family.

2) In the current situations it is normal to feel stressed,frustrated,afraid,anxious,worried and sad. However,you should strive for the opportunity to work on yourself. And make yourself a better person. You should focus on the things you can do to protect your mental health.

3) Maintain a healthy lifestyle,when you are locked at home utilize the time to concentrate on your health. Eat a healthy diet and indulge in fitness or physical activities. Exercise at home,you can also practice yoga. As said by the united healthcare,we should check for the symptoms and find a diagnostic testing center immediately.

4) Limit exposure to news coverage. Limit the time you and your family spend watching the news that you find alarming. Listen to news which gives reliable information. Do not pay much heed to fabricated rumours from unverified sources. 

5) Indulge in reading and writing. Starting a journal might help you to keep your thoughts accumulated in a sheet of paper which will help you to look back at the hard time you are going through now. Reading will help you to take a break from reality. 

6) Meditate,i always mention meditation in all my articles as it is one of the ways i cope with stress and meditation has helped me a lot. Practising yoga and meditation helps you to be focused and stress free.

7) Music helps to keep your brain relaxed,listening to soft music and slow songs will lighten your mood. You can listen to any type of music as per your preference. I prefer soft and slow songs.

These are a few points which might help you to cope with stress and anxiety during a tough time like this. Hope this article helped,comment below your ways to cope with stress in quarantine and share it with your friends,family,relatives and others..




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