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Unexpected loss of a job / How to cure job loss anxiety? / Best business ideas with a very small investment / Expand your thinking.

Job loss, is a situation in which people lose their job. They don’t have a source of income to fulfill their basic needs or live their lives the way they want to. Losing your job is the most stressful and traumatic crisis you will ever come across in life. Being unemployed is the most painful event. It can change and affect different aspects of your life. Having no job means having no source of income, no money, no food, no house, no clothes, not even the basic essentials or necessities of life. Aside from the financial anguish it can cause feelings of anger,depression,failure,shame,isolation,neglectance etc. Relationships with your parents, friends, even your partner might get affected. You start feeling isolated and depressed. It can take a heavy toll on your mental and emotional health.

Having a job not only helps you to make a living. It also influences you to look at yourself as a confident person and live a satisfied life. Working gives a structure,purpose and meaning to your life. Suddenly having no work or job makes you mentally disturbed and feeling anxious about the future.In a situation like this you might feel betrayal from life itself. During this period of dormancy one usually feels that they do not have power over their own life. They do not have any idea what big trouble they might get into in the near future. The person gets completely frazzled and stressed and the feeling of hopelessness and uselessness occurs.

In comparing the two,employed and unemployed men. Symptoms of depression,anxiety were greater in the unemployed men than the ones constantly working. It affects the mental health of a person,they become more irritated and frustrated with things and fall sick and get into bad habits which affects their physical health too. Unemployment is usually seen as an economic problem but it does not take much time to shift to a big psychological concern. Usually,when a person loses their job the family suffers with him. They have a lot of financial issues. No food to eat,no clothes,none of the basic necessities are available. In a crisis like this children suffer along with their parents. Studies of the children are hampered,parents are under a lot of stress and depression. Sitting idle ruins everything for the person,his life,his luxuries,his family is destroyed because of hunger and feelings of “dislike” might occur.There are some cases where the person who lost their job has to suffer from the feeling of neglectance,cause people in the house might start criticising him and making him feel useless.

No matter how subdued things might seem at the moment,there is always hope. With a little bit of time,correct techniques and opportunity you can step your game,and succeed in your work life.

Do not blame yourself - do not blame yourself or anyone for what has come your way. Because no one can decide if you really deserved the job or not. It is you,who should go ahead and look for job opportunities.

Find alternatives - look for different alternatives. Look around, search for different jobs,research on them. Keep working on yourself.

Find ways to earn - because there must be some capabilities in you which can give you opportunities for good earning. There are infinite jobs,business ideas in this world which can lead you to your way.

Never lose hope - in today’s word there are millions of business ideas in which you can invest a very small amount but can get a good income out of it.

Fields you can opt for - marketing,photography,digital marketing,network marketing,and many more online businesses which are growing more and more in India.

Do not bother about what others will think - never think about what opinions others have to give. It’s their family that is in a proper state but you need to work on yourself and give shape to your life! So think about how your future is going to look like after a few years of hard work and forget about others. They are the ones who will appreciate you after your success.

Work on your skills - find your talent and what you are best at. Find yourself,give yourself an opportunity to prove that you can be happy and successful too. Work on your inner talent and skills. No one is born without a special skill. Make your skills the source of your earning. This will also help your mind to be occupied and you will have no time to be depressed.

Expand your thinking - this world is a very vast place to put up your ideas and thinking in the open. There has to be someone searching for some particular type of skill which you might have. So do not hesitate to show your talent to everyone. Never think that you are not good enough. There’s always hope. Believe in yourself. Keep dreaming and working in your dreams!


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