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Anxiety Attack (Best online-therapy to kill anxiety or panic attacks)

  Anxiety occurs when a person is stressed or anxious. It is the feeling of fear or worry one has when they think that something bad is about to happen or when they are afraid of the future events. Anxiety attacks , as follows is the overwhelming apprehension or fear. It builds up gradually but can become a bigger issue. Usually, it takes place in the workplace, during exams,first impression at an interview or anything related to a certain concern. At first it is non-medical issue but excessive stress and worry can turn it into Anxiety Disorder . Symptoms: Feeling dizzy Vomiting Rapid breathing or shortness of breathe  Cannot concentrate  Restlessness  Fear,worry and stress Dry mouth. These symptoms differ from one individual to another. It depends upon the person. Online-Therapy Program from the best therapists around the globe: This online therapy program has helped millions to feel happier and less anxious. It has the best certified therapists who deal with their patients calmly.  C

Domestic Violence. (Take a stand against it!)

Domestic violence in a social and legal concept means any sort of abuse be it physical, emotional, sexual or financial between partners living under the same roof. It refers to as an attempt by one partner upon the other in an intimate relationship[ or marriage. By domestic violence we understand that one person dominates and controls the other either sexually or emotionally. When we talk about domestic abuse, we generally talk about women being abused by male partners, but in some cases even men are victims of domestic violence, it is mostly emotional and verbal. This is rare and less severe.  Domestic violence occurs in millions of houses everyday, and a huge number of these incidents go unreported. This affects the mental peace and health of the person who is the victim of the abuse. Domestic abuse not only affects the victim but also has an impact on the other members of the family, even though they are not the one suffering. It mostly affects the children who witness daily abuse o

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Anxiety Attack (Best online-therapy to kill anxiety or panic attacks)

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