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Domestic Violence. (Take a stand against it!)

Domestic violence in a social and legal concept means any sort of abuse be it physical, emotional, sexual or financial between partners living under the same roof. It refers to as an attempt by one partner upon the other in an intimate relationship[ or marriage. By domestic violence we understand that one person dominates and controls the other either sexually or emotionally. When we talk about domestic abuse, we generally talk about women being abused by male partners, but in some cases even men are victims of domestic violence, it is mostly emotional and verbal. This is rare and less severe. Domestic violence occurs in millions of houses everyday, and a huge number of these incidents go unreported. This affects the mental peace and health of the person who is the victim of the abuse. Domestic abuse not only affects the victim but also has an impact on the other members of the family, even though they are not the one suffering. It mostly affects the children who witness daily abuse on their parents or any member of the family. This unacceptable abuse or violence can happen to anyone. This occurs in heterosexual relationships and even in same-sex relationship. It happens to all age groups, all castes, race or economic levels. Domestic violence should not be allowed at any cost. It should never be acceptable, whether from a man, woman, a teenager or an adult. It should neither be tolerated by any of us. No matter how much that person means to us, they should be penalized for such abusive actions.

Any of you reading this article goes through this unbearable situation or knows someone who suffers from it, you need to speak up. Take a stand for your close ones who are being wrongly treated. Raise a voice for yourself. It does not matter whether,the person who does this to you is your parents,husband or boyfriend, you need to speak up for yourselves and for your rights. Domestic violence is known as the coercive control that one person excercises over another. It is the case where one partner misuses their power to control and abuse the other person in the relationship. The abusers use fear,guilt,shame and intimidation to look down at their partner and keep them under their thumb. This is the most common form of violence against women. This effects women from sexual and physical abuse till forcing them to commit suicide.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) reports that the number of women who have experienced domestic abuse by their male partners ranges from 15% to 71% with the majority between 21% and 62%.  

This form of violence is so common in women as women has always been looked down upon by society. They have always been considered weak,vulnerable and are subjected to exploitation. Men are always seen as the one holding power and dominance they are looked upon as the boss and women are found intimidated by the male population. However this pattern of gender discrimination has changed throughout the years. But there still exists moments where women are thought to be weak and vulnerable. This is a major contributor to the ill health of women. It has serious consequences on a woman's mental and physical health,it even affects the women's reproductive and sexual health. This causes severe stress,anxiety and depression. Gynecological problems may occur,temporary or permanent injuries or disability takes place. They are emotionally tested and may attempt or commit suicide.

The Protection of women from domestic violence Act 2005 is an act of the parliament of India enacted to protect women from domestic violence. Domestic violence Law provides the criminal rules for penalizing those who cause emotional and physical harm to others who belong to the same household as them.
Violence against women (VAW) or Gender-based violence, are the violence acts committed against women and girls, such violence is a form of hate crime, committed against women and girls just because they are female.

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship:

1. When you start fearing your own partner is the first sign of an abusive relationship. If you constantly think about your partner getting angry and your partner watching your every move, if you feel like they are hovering over you and you are forced to do things which you do not like, there are chances that you are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship.

2. Any situation where you are forced to participate in an unwanted, unsafe sexual activity is sexual abuse. In some cases the abuser is asexual but does this to harm the victim. If any of you are compelled to do so then this is considered an act of aggression, and someone has to raise a voice against it.

3. Domestic abuse does not have to be in case of marriage or in an intimate relationship. This might also occur between parents and their children. A parents, maybe a victim of violence by their child or a child might face this issue from their parents. You might think that physical abuse is worse then emotional abuse, but emotional abuse can be as damaging as physical violence. It harms the brain and hurts the emotions and sentiments of the person.
If you suspect that someone you care about is being abused. Talk to them, assure them that every conversation they have will stay between them. Try to help them out by talking to them and telling them that you are there for them. Win their trust and talk them into speaking against the abuser. If you hesitate and avoid to take a stand then you might be encouraging it. By speaking up about the matter you might be able to save a life and assure them that you care about them and love them and that they are not alone!

Please share this article as much as possible cause it's not just a casual matter, it is the matter of someone's life! And if you take a stand then it might save them. Comment down below if you are going through something similar or you know someone who is. You can also email us personally discussing your issues on 



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