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Depression/Best online therapy/counselling for depression under $130

Extreme feeling of sadness ,feeling low all the time or lack of interest in daily activities causing significant impairment in daily life is termed as feeling termed as feeling depressed. In case of depression a person loses his/her interest in activities,they feel sad and low all the time,they also feel lonely and stressed. It is different from mood fluctuations that people usually face as a part of life. Doctors say that depression can be caused by feelings of grief, they say that it is an ongoing process. The symptoms last for at least 2 weeks,depression itself can last for weeks,months or years. Signs and symptoms: A depressed mood A loss of sexual desire Change in appetite Sleeping too much or too little Fatigue or loss of energy Feelings of worthlessness or guilt Weight loss or weight gain. Some health problems that are caused by depression: Obesity Cancer Diabetes Cardiovascular Disease Asthma Best online therapy/counselling for depression: This program provides you to get treat

Stress/Best online therapy/counselling for stress under $130

Stress is the body's response to anything,it is the tension built up to react to a certain matter or thought. Stress is the feeling of emotional or physical tension. It occurs from any thought that makes you feel angry,frustrated or nervous. There are two types of stress: 1.) Acute Stress - This type of stress gives away quickly. It is quite normal,it occurs in our day to day life. Example-worried about your exams or result,anxious on the first day of school or job. Everyone deals with this at any time. 2.) Chronic Stress - This type of stress lies with a person for a longer period. If you are worried about something or unhappy with a certain matter,you might be suffering from chronic stress. If you don't find ways to manage stress it will lead to severe health problems. Signs of having Chronic Stress:- Dizziness Extreme Headaches Problems sleeping Tiredness Exhaustion Weight loss/gain Racing hearts Stress causes a lot of health problems. It leaves you feeling frazzled and ove

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